Tables with personality!

Our photographer started to name our tables after famous singers. Her caricatures were so amusing that I couldn't help myself from giving it a go!

"...Mick Jagger, dark and moody with skinny legs..."

"...Neil Young, still edgy with all ages today..."

"I have named this table Rod Steward, as the legs and the table top remind me of the colour changes over the years to his hair (and he likes to drink)."

"Johnny Farnham, worn with lots of miles on the clock, but not looking too shabby with a face-lift."

"I call this one Rianna as it's one of a kind with gorgeous detailed wood grain and

very sleek legs to match."

Blondie: Stringybark and Wormy Chestnut - natural blonds, with streaks of sap-viens.

...He's got the moves...Michael Jackson:

Elvis: you ain't nothin' but a hound-dog.

Who is the greatest "Singer?"

Johnny Cash?

Cat Stevens: on the edge of reality

Cyndi Lauper - True Colours

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