Refectory Table

This table is a reminder of the majestic refectory tables that were once found in monasteries and boarding schools from an era long gone.

Often seating 30 or more people, they were places of communion, and laughter

This table of ours is almost 4 metres long.

The timber top is a beautifully textured Tiger- striped Stringybark- named so for its heavy grain patterns. The triple criss cross base, recessed under, allows for seating all the way from one side to the other.

We see a table as an entity, a unique creation that springs from our imagination. These pieces don’t come off a production line. In fact they can’t be replicated- however one table may inspire the making of another.

We can put all our energy into creating a table, but essentially it creates itself, as a piece of consciousness. Sometimes we are astounded when a table takes shape right under our very noses, and surpassing all of our expectations.

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