Behind Barn doors

There's a barn door in Western Australia that is 12 foot by 12 foot! I kid-you-not.

Old wool sheds were famous for these magnificent structures, some of which are still standing. By the hundreds, sheep would cram themselves through, and out to the pastures where they would start growing their wool back.

At Timber Feeling we are inspired by these awesome doors. One of our favourite table designs is our barn door style table that is made in panels, unlike traditional tables that are made in straight boards.

These tables are like a pallet. We experiment with textures, colours and inlays, and mix timber species up in a way that is hard to do on a normal table. In the panels we play around with old floor boards, and fence palings, and even off-cuts from other tables that we are making.

And being so rustic, they are ideal for growing families. A few marks and scratches won't take anything away from the look. In fact, treating these tables with beeswax, will only blend the marks in, and become part of the table.

You can design your own table, and choose your own timbers and vintage features . We use wine emblem inlays to decorate the table tops, and play around with colours and textures. If you have some memorabilia that has significance to you, we could indent them into one of these tables. We can even use images and picture, and cover them in resin.

And of course, we can make BARN DOORS FOR YOUR OWN HOME , and advise you how to get them fitted.


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