"Timber Feeling is more than a furniture company. Our handmade creations can   transform a house into a comfortable home."

Why Recycled Timber?

Native hardwoods, salvaged from old Melbourne structures are calling to be recycled and repurposed. Having been  naturally air-dried, and cured, this timber develops a stable moisture content, structural integrity, and a characterful,  and tactile surface.

It is perhaps the familiarity of wood , that  softens and warms timber furniture,  making it feel approachable. When we feel the grain, and see the tone  of wood,  we are seeing a creative process that was once a living organism.

Recycled Timber is a Sustainable and Renewable Resource

Recycling timber is good for our environment.  In the end, timber decomposes, returns to the earth and is reincarnated  as a new tree; sustainability is the ultimate virtue of recycled timber.

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