" Melbourne, the richest city in the world."

A theme of ours is the preservation of the history of our city. We try to recycle and rejuvenate timber that was once part of the city’s urban infrastructure. And we are inspired by the provenance of this vibrant city, and like to use memorabilia, embedded in our table tops. We also use images of iconic Melbourne in the same way; The Victorian architecture, our public buildings, wharves, piers and stations etc.

Melbourne”s growth during the 1850’s gold rushes, instigated a rush of urban activity- roads, railroads, schools, libraries, etc This table has been inlayed with the image of an old map of Brunswick as it was in 1868.

At one point Melbourne was the second biggest city in the world, after London. And in 1880, Melbourne was proclaimed to be “ The richest city in the world"

We also have other maps of Melbourne that are waiting to became part of a dining table.

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