Bigger is Better!

Not everyone can house a monster table. But people tend to gravitate towards them. It's probably a primal thing. It's not just the length and the width- but also the thickness that gives a feeling of solidity, and permanence- like bricks and mortar.

Anything over 40ml, is thick. This one is 60ml- a real monolith! This is a 6 person lift.

Families who plan to lay down their roots in a house for prolonged periods often go for statement pieces like this, that become part of the house, the family, the home.

This timber was sourced in Coburg, from a recycled building material yard, that specialises in demolishing old industrial buildings. Called in old builder's terms, 4b3, in our language this timber would be classed as 4inch by 3inch. It is a light Messmate, with gum-vein highlights. A soft light seems to emanate from the surface. The top is not perfectly flat- one can feel the grain; but it is still silky to the touch.

The industrial steel criss-cross base is recessed under the table top, to give it a floating look. Don't do a DIY job on the welding! We have a highly skilled metal worker who fabricates our steel legs, and also gets them expertly powder-coated.

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