Old Melbourne Town

"Melbourne is a graceful city; one of a few places in the world that has retained it's Victorian heritage. The timber that supported the growth of this thriving commercial centre can still be rescued. It has seasoned and cured, and is now mature - perfect for timber joinery. I say, with some relief, that there are still old-school demolishers who take the care to retrieve this timber, intact. 
 Stunning native timbers, like Stringybark and Blackbutt were used indiscriminately before the 1960's for structural purposes. The inherent beauty of the Eucalyptus species has lain dormant as purlins, roof trusses, house stumps, floor joists and many other building applications, for decades, even centuries. Old Timber is a 100% renewable resource, and belongs in our homes as comfortable, warm furniture." Neel Dey February, 2018, Melbourne

Source: "Melbourne then and now"

Source: "Melbourne then and now"

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