There's a barn door in Western Australia that is 12 foot by 12 foot! I kid-you-not.

Old wool sheds were famous for these magnificent structures, some of which are still standing. By the hundreds, sheep would cram themselves through, and out to the pastures where they would start growing their wool back.

At Timber Feeling we are inspired by these awesome  doors. One of our favourite table designs is our barn door style table th...

April 30, 2019

In the fabulous 1989 film " Field of Dreams" Ray Kinsella, a corn farmer,[ played by Kevin Costner], is about to lose his farm to the bank. He starts to hear voices in the wind as he is walking through his fields: " If you build it he will come." He doesn't understand what this means, but he follows his intuition, and it leads him to understanding and freedom. It is a touching movie of hope and faith.

At the end of 2018, we wer...

February 9, 2019

This table  is a reminder of the majestic refectory tables  that were once found in monasteries and boarding schools from an era long gone.

Often seating 30 or more people, they were places of communion, and laughter

This table of ours is almost  4 metres long.

The timber top is a beautifully textured Tiger- striped Stringybark- named so for  its heavy grain patterns.
The triple criss cross base, recessed under,  allows f...

February 9, 2019

A theme of ours is  the preservation of the history of our city.

We try to recycle and rejuvenate timber that was once part of the city’s urban infrastructure.
 And we are inspired by the provenance of this vibrant city, and like to use memorabilia, embedded in our table tops. We also use images of iconic Melbourne  in the same way; The  Victorian architecture, our public buildings, wharves, piers and stations etc.


January 25, 2019

Not everyone can house a monster table. But people tend to gravitate towards them. It's probably a primal thing. It's not just the length and the width- but also the thickness that gives a feeling of solidity, and permanence- like bricks and mortar.

Anything over 40ml, is thick. This one is 60ml-  a real monolith!  This is a 6 person lift.

Families who plan to lay down their roots in a house for prolonged periods often go f...

December 13, 2018

.." we work as a team, and share our thoughts, and feelings.."

It is our differences that keep us together.

A common love- beautiful furniture.

 Robert, Ravi, Neel. They say that 2's company, 3's a crowd. For us, 3 is harmony.

 And our customers; it is the greatest privilege to help them make a house a home.

The reactions when people see our pieces: tears of joy, rapt